What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine or sports therapy is the treatment of injured athletes with common musculoskeletal complaints. A Physical Therapist works with injured athletes, and guides them through the rehabilitation process, in order to get the athlete back to full performance post-injury.  A sports medicine Physical Therapist is trained in further return-to-sport techniques and will help you get back to the sport you love as quickly and safely as possible.

Fast Track Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Salt Lake City provides unmatched services through our Sports Medicine program.  Our licensed Physical Therapists will determine the process that fits you and your needs best, and guide you through the recovery process, every step of the way.  Our sports medicine program is designed to help people in all age groups through all levels of physical activity.  At Fast Track Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, you will always work one on one with a licensed Sports Therapist. Come in for a free assessment to determine whether your sports injury can be treated through physical therapy.

Some of the most common sports medicine injuries we treat are:

  • Ligament injuries around the knee (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL)
  • Ankle sprains
  • Injuries to achillies tendon, or calf region
  • Shoulder and throwing injuries
  • Tennis and Golfer’s elbow
  • IT Band injuries (Iliotibial band injuries)
  • PTFS, or Patellar-femoral Syndrome
  • Chronic knee or hip pain

In addition to treating sports medicine injuries, Fast Track Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine also provides programs to help you improve on your sport.

Ski/Snowboard Conditioning

We live in Utah – “The Greatest Snow on Earth”! Many of us live here for the mountains and being able to take advantage of that beautiful powder.  However, not too many of us are fortunate enough to play in the snow 12 months out of the year.  That is where our Ski and Snowboard Conditioning program comes in.  Even after a few weeks off the snow our muscles start to adapt to the normal land-based activities that we do during our time off the snow.  Unfortunately, that means deconditioning and even atrophy of the muscles and inefficiency of the nerves that control those muscles that help us on the snow.  Our program will help to reeducate those nerves and recondition those muscles that help to move us through the powder so you spend more time on the slopes or backcountry, and less time in the clinic.

Crossfit Rehab and Fundamentals Screen

The therapists at Fast Track Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine specialize in helping Crossfit athletes return to their workouts and competition.  We perform and understand the types of lifts and workouts specific to Crossfit so we can better help you reach your specific goals.   Whether its training for the open, improving your metcon time and score, or just making it through the WOD pain free, Fast Track has the tools and expertise to make it possible. If you’ve had a previous injury or surgery and wondering if you’re ready to start Crossfit we also offer fundamentals screening to identify potential risks and help prepare you to safely begin your training.

Can’t make it to the clinic?  No problem. We can meet you at your gym for treatment!  30 and 60 minute treatment sessions are available for your convenience.   Contact us for more information on Crossfit Rehab.

Soccer Training Program

Like most sports these days, soccer has become year-round. Although great for the sport, sometimes it can us up for overuse injuries or just general imbalances.  Our licensed physical therapists will help correct those imbalances so you can stay on the pitch longer, and improve on your techniques to give you that boost above the competition.

Running Mechanics Training

From weekend warriors to Ultra Marathoners, we can all benefit from having someone else analyze the way we run. Running is repetitive, and if your mechanics are not great, then you are asking for an injury – this program is designed to thwart those overuse injuries before they sideline you from the pavement, trail, or even the treadmill.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Program

We have a physical therapist certified through TPI to help you improve on your golf mechanics, and finally start making that frustrating game, fun again – and earn back some bragging-rights from your friends again. Our TPI certified physical therapist will have you hitting the ball straighter, farther, and will work with your swing coach or golf professional along the way.

Throwing Mechanics Clinic

Designed for aspiring towards greatness on the diamond or for those individuals just looking to improve their game or avoid an injury.

Bike Fitting

For those who love to ride but have pain on their bike or just want greater efficiency, we offer a bike fitting service to meet your needs.  Dr. Matthew Randall is certified through BikeFit systems and has completed several century rides, half ironman relays, and multiple sprint triathlons since beginning to ride in 2003.