Proper nutrition is an essential part of any recovery.  For this reason Fast Track has established relationships with others who specialize in providing nutrition counseling.  While we at Fast Track do not directly offer this service, we can help you find the guidance that you need.  

For more information regarding the services of a nutritionist in your area, click here.

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is much about balance, and that will certainly play a major role in your fall prevention program; however, fall prevention is also much about education and proper planning around your home and normal travel.  Unfortunately, falls account for a tremendous increase in morbidity rates, as well as well as increased rates of other injuries.  Our fall prevention program will have you feeling more balanced, better prepared, and generally more confident about moving where and when you want and need.

Wellness Program

At Fast Track Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we offer a transition from physical therapy to something like a less formal gym program.  There are many great gyms and personal trainers/coaches around the area, and we have great relationships with many of them if you are in need of a referral.  Our therapists believe there is a part in health care for everyone to play, and there will certainly come a point for many people where the gym is the most appropriate place to continue on with their fitness and maintenance of their physical therapy progress.  However, for many people the transition from one-on-one physical therapy to  an independent gym program can be challenging and intimidating.  That is why we offer our wellness program.  Our wellness program is the bridge between formal physical therapy and that independent gym program.  It entails using our equipment/facilities that have become comfortable and routine to our patients and couples that with the knowledge and reassurance that there will always be a licensed physical therapist just feet away if there are any questions or concerns about technique or reoccurrence of pain during exercise.